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Gallery 18: Terry Maple Collection: Overview and Specimens 1-9

Featuring the vast and diverse collection of High Grade Old Stock Ocean Jasper specimens from the original Marovato deposits, 1999-2006. Terry Maple is known to collectors and lapidary artists as MapleStuff. His early investments in mined specimens of rare material, including Ocean Jasper, have given us a chance to see intact specimens that might otherwise not be available. Terry's world-class skill as a large-scale slabber of boulder-size specimens has given the collector world a view into the cross section of the rare Marovato deposits, with mind-blowing heterogeneity in structure and composition of specimens. His work has inspired many in both the lapidary arts and collector community. Without his contributions, we may never have known the magnitude of the rare deposits mined by Paul Obeniche and Madagascar Minerals, the source of many boulder-size specimens originally purchased by MapleStuff at the early 2000s Tucson shows.

This collection was catalogued and photographed by M.S. Ottis, the current owner and steward of the collection.

Gallery 19: Terry Maple Collection: Specimens 10-20

Gallery 20: Terry Maple Collection: Specimens 21-31

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