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Reasons to Submit / Contribute:

This nonprofit site offers a way for collectors and enthusiasts to share their passion for this material in one consistent place, and also receive recognition for their collection photos. Only by sharing photos of rare varieties, especiallly of high grade old stock (HGOS) material, can we achieve a decent database and critical mass of the incredible variations in this heterogeneous (and hyper-heterogeneous) material, unique to the petrographic world. Since the mines for HGOS material have been depleted (c. 2006), we are left with whatever exists out there in the hands of collectors, enthusiasts and lapidaries. Most valued are photo submissions of large-format HGOS specimens, such as slabs, faced rough, rough, plus vintage displays such as freeforms, spheres, palm stones, etc. Many HGOS slabs and displays were cut and polished by Madagascar Minerals during the later Vein 1/2 mining periods in Madagascar, or by Enter the Earth in the last decade, or by independent lapidaries that purchased large HGOS rough chunks from Paul Obenich and cut large-format displays, including slabs. Having one place for a breadth of specimen photos allows independent researcher and mineral collector/enthusiast access to further our understanding of this material, including formation.

How to Submit:

Submit all content to the 'Contact' link at the bottom of this page. Preferable are .jpg photos of decent resolution of each specimen. Multiple view photos accepted. They will be displayed in a modal gallery format, examples on the Gallery Page. Each submission will be credited by collector name or business. To submit material, include photos, a short caption for each photo, and the name you want publicly displayed, including a link to your bio or business. For those not wanting to submit photos directly here, but wish to share their collector gallery, an alternative is to send us a link to your gallery on your website or on the Mindat.org mineral collector gallery, and we will feature your name and external gallery links on this site. If you have something special to call out, shout it out to us and we will consider it for publication in your name.

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