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Ocean Jasper ~ Spherulitic Chalcedony

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About OceanJasper.org:

A nonprofit site dedicated to preservation, appreciation and research of this rare material, for collectors and mineral enthusiasts. If you are a collector or enthusiast and would like to be involved with this site, or if you would like to submit photos for the Gallery, please contact us below. All photo submissions will be credited in your name on this site.

About Me (Webmaster/Author, Susanne Lomatch):

I have a research background in physics and engineering. I started collecting 'Ocean Jasper' almost 5 years ago. In early 2018, I realized that I should have been buying collector grade slabs and high quality old stock rough during those 5 years. I decided at the same time that there simply is not enough research out there on this material, and that not enough preservation of large-scale specimens was being done so that future researchers and mineral enthusiasts could study this amazing (and now depleted) material. I am presently working to build a collection for complete research study, and to encourage others to support preservation and study of this material over further processing loss. To that end, I have created this site and I have written much of the information and research content posted. I am also author of the published book, "Ocean Jasper: A Natural Wonder and a Geological Mystery".


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